Quartz Lake

Project Highlights

Strategic asset in a World-Class Location:

  • Early-stage exploration project acquired in early 2021
  • Includes 6 concessions covering 11,280 ha
  • Located 80 km northeast of prolific Red Lake district
  • Benefits from significant infrastructure from Red Lake district
  • 29 mineral showings Identified by the Ontario Geological Survey*

The Quartz Lake Project has similar geological criteria used to explore in the Red Lake District

  • The unconformity between the Balmer-Confederation and intervening assemblages 
  • Rheological contrast (brittle vs soft) between mafic volcanic rocks with underlying ultramafic and gabbroic rocks 
  • Greater than 10 km of the Swain Lake deformation zone
  • Linear magnetic lows(magnetite destruction)
  • Resistivity highs correlating with silica alteration
  • Prospective cross structures that trend WNW

Red Lake Mining District

* Gold Occurrences, Prospects and Deposits of the Red Lake Area (1987); Ontario Geological Survey, Open File Report 5558, by Durocher, Marcel E., Burchell, Paul and Andrews, Anthony J