Governance & Ethics

Angel Wing Metals Inc. is committed to creating sustainable long-term value for all its stakeholders that uphold accountability and best practices and adheres to the highest moral, legal, and ethical standards and conduct within the Company.

Angel Wing Metals’ Board of Directors has the primary responsibility for implementing and ensuring corporate governance responsibilities to promote a culture of integrity throughout the Company. The Board has provided the following policies and charters as the framework for its corporate culture and business practices and will continue to build on this framework as the Company grows and evolves.

Policies and Charters:

Articles of Incorporation
Audit Committee Charter
Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee Charter
Conduct of Directors’ Meetings
Compensation Committee Charter
Board Composition, Management and Mandates
Health, Safety and Environmental Committee Charter
Environmental & Social Responsibility Policies
Insider Trading Policy
Anti-corruption and Anti-bribery Policy